Monday, September 13, 2010

Why little Chickadee?

I wonder where to many things have happened to me over the last few years. I wish I had kept a blog from the start of my weight loss journey. I guess in the beginning I wondered if I would fail at this.. like every other time I tried to lose weight. I did not trust myself and it took time for me to see and accept that this was working..I was losing weight and keeping it off. IMAGINE THAT! It did, and I made it happen. Me and my trusty band and a lot of determination. Wow. It still seems surreal to me sometimes.

Any ways... the title Little Chickadee came from a term of endearment from my Dad. I adored my Dad and he always made me feel special, worthy, and loved. He has called me his little Chickadee since I was a very little girl. He still called me his little Chickadee when I was a 39 year old 300+ size woman. Unconditional love. He always loved me just as I was. My Dad passed away 5 days after an operation to remove a tumor from his lung. It was devastating to say the least. It will be 8 years Sept 15 th since he passed away and I still miss him dearly. When I am out working in the garden and the little chickadees come to grab a sunflower seed from the feeder I think about him and his great gift of love. Chickadee's are the cheeriest, friendly, little bird. Kind of what simple sweet joy looks like.
I was so lucky to have had such a great Dad. He really helped me make it through a lot of tough times....just knowing how special I was to him made me feel like I mattered.
So that's my little story about the name of my blog. My wish for the universe is that everyone has someone that makes them feel special, worthy and loved.


  1. Love you Aunt Barb you are amazing and an inspiration to all!

  2. Dear Barbie,
    I am so glad you are sharing your experiences for others. You are a true inspiration for people! I have been profoundly inspired by you and your journey. What you have accomplished helped me to decide my new career path in the fitness industry. You may never know how far reaching your positive impact is on this world but I know for a fact that many, many people feel it and have been able to take steps to transform their lives. Thank you for role modeling courage! Love Susan V.

  3. Thanks so much for the beautiful words Shelby and Sue. I have had the most amazing support!! it has meant so much to me!

    Suzy.. having you for a best friend all these years has been a gift from the universe! When the going gets tough nothing makes it better than a phone call and your hearing your voice. You have been another who has loved me unconditionally. All the support you have given me all these years, the great belly laughs till tears run down our face, the amazing conversations, your care and compassion through the tough stuff, and now our shared love of exercise and all that other fun stuff...thrift store shopping, enjoying the scenery, it's all good! and I am so lucky! You are the best friend a person could ever ask for!!